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Blood Pressure Measure Pro

Blood Pressure Measure Pro

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How to measure your blood pressure

How to monitor your blood pressure with Blood pressure Monitor Pro App by

MeasuPro BPM-50W Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection

Use your device's built-in camera to capture and analyze PPG data to calculate your blood pressure!
Measure your Blood Pressure, know it has never been so easy!
Without any external hardware, just use your smartphone or tablet's built-in camera / sensor, you can get accurate readings almost instantly.

In addition, you can also:
Blood pressure data analysis, Using a hierarchical model, intelligent judge the current healthy blood pressure level.
Custom Reports blood pressure. Rapid analysis of blood pressure data within a specified time, blood pressure analysis report is generated.
Variety of pressure control tools, Help you understand the level of risk of their own blood pressure to help you improve personal habits.
Track your results. Each measurement you make will be saved into your personal history, so that you can make long-term tracking.
Simple and intuitive design. Simple and streamlined design makes it easy to use, So you can focus on using the app, without having to navigate between numerous screens.
Hypertension is a common chronic disease and difficult to cure, Patients should follow doctor's orders to take medication and to adjust their living habits, And long-term monitoring their blood pressure to reduce the risk.

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